Start the Cycle provides a transportation solution for all by creating Bike Libraries
through your local community hub - checking out a bike can be as easy as checking out a book.

For Free.

Build Your Own
Bike Libraries are a simple solution to provide your community with active transportation options. Build it on your own or let Start the Cycle help build it with you.

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How it Works
Borrow a bike like a book through a Bike Library. Check one out from your local community hub and explore your community.

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Sustainable Bike-borrowing Programs

There’s a reason bike shares are popping up all over - they have transformed how citizens think about personal mobility. Communities with bike shares are not only more ecologically responsible; they’re also more vibrant and energetic. Start the Cycle wants to help you innovate your community. Together, we can provide convenient access to bikes for transportation or recreation. The best part, borrowing a bike is free. Our system is easy to set up, low maintenance, and runs right out of any local community hub.

Build Your Own Program
Build Your Own

Schools & Post-Secondary

Build Your Own

Religious Institutions

Build Your Own

Libraries & Community Centres

Build Your Own

Small & Mid-sized Communities

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