Start the Cycle was created in 2014 by two McMaster University Graduate Students, Charles Burke ( PhD) and Justin Hall (MSc) in Transportation Planning. They asked themselves the question: How do we create a new generation of cyclists?

The answer: Provide access. Every person in Canada, young or old, should have access to a bicycle.

"We’re kind of a new breed of academic, which McMaster is trying to foster. We don’t want to write about what we do and have it sit on page 1440 in a journal. We want to go out in the community and we want to translate what we do into practice."



Charles completed his doctorate in transportation planning at McMaster University. He is an advocate for active transportation infrastructure and healthy active living. He is a published author and has been a featured columnist for Canadian Geographic.


Justin is the Transportation Demand Coordinator for the City of Guelph. Working in the field of transportation planning, Justin is also an avid cyclist with research interests in active transportation and health.