Setting up a Bike Library is simple. Any local community hub (library, recreation centre, community centre or religious institution) can house a Bike Library as long as there is adequate bicycle parking and a ‘Librarian’ to ensure everything's running smoothly. There are two ways to get involved with building a bike library: bring together the community partners and source the bikes yourself with the help of STC’s Community Guide, or work with the STC team and we can steward the initiative through to launch!

From 3 to 30 bikes we can help set up a bike share program tailored to your community.

"I can’t believe I just discovered this bike service today. Finding out about this has been the highlight of my week! I can now travel across campus in record time without worrying about how much time I’ll be wasting while walking. I just wanted to say thank you so much!"


What if something happens?

Each Bike Library member must sign a waiver before accessing the bike library. Start the Cycle is insured through the Canadian Sport Insurance Board against all potential injury for individuals using the bikes for up to $2,000,000 in damages.

What about breakdowns?

Part of a sustainable Bike Library program requires securing a maintenance partner to adopt each library. The library can be adopted by a local bike shop or cycling organization. The role of the adopter is to provide timely and regular maintenance to the bike library. ‘Bike Librarians’ flag a bike requiring repair and an e-mail is sent to notify the maintenance provider of the problem. The bike is removed from circulation until it is deemed operable again.