Bike Share for Everyone

How it Works

The goal behind the development of the Bike Library concept was to create a system that is easy to set up and easy to use for both the librarians and cyclists. Start The Cycle acts as a facilitator bringing together key stakeholders to ensure each library has a successful launch. If a bike breaks down – don’t worry there is a solution for that too. Big or small any campus can join with Start The Cycle to provide access and develop a campus friendly cycling environment.

“Borrow a bike like you borrow a book.”

Building a sustainable bike-borrowing program is more challenging than simply unloading a rack of bikes on your campus library’s doorstep. After all, books and other media require little day-to-day upkeep, however a successful bike program works when each bike is properly maintained in good working order. Start The Cycle provides the linkages between the library and key stakeholders that are committed to a Bike Library’s long term success. Linking maintenance, library, equipment and institutional partnerships are the key to borrowing a bike like you borrow a book.thode_rack

Our mission: Promoting health and wellness, environmental sustainability and mobility within the student population.

“We know not all students can afford to buy or rent a bike. This service provides students with another option.”

Anne Pottier, Associate University Librarian at McMaster University